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We are focusing on technologies around mobile and web development. Our team consists of a superb blend of thinkers, strategists and developers. A small but compact, quite sensible and completely independent.

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creating, optimizing, and supporting mobile apps for iOS and Android devices


build and maintain websites, focusing on design, coding, and cross-device functionality.

Custom Software Solutions

provide tailored software applications designed to meet specific business needs

Software Solutions

providing cost-effective expertise and resources beyond in-house capabilities.

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quack quack
Quack Qauck (Delivery System)

Delivery app which allows users to deliver both B2B and B2C.

The system will allow users to deliver both single route(1 person to another) and multiple route(1 person to multiple people, optimized for online shopping).

The system will include app for both clients and riders, admin web portal for management.


Choof lets you share favorites between people you trust, so you and your friends can discover stuff that matters to you, such as movies, series, TV shows, documentaries, podcasts, books, restaurants, etc.

Create groups by type of:
Friends (eg family, school, work, team, etc.)
Format (eg movie, music, book, exhibition, recipe, restaurant, etc.)
Genre (eg Netflix Comedies, Documentaries on Science, History Books, Vegetarian Restaurants, etc.)
Illustrate each favorite with a Youtube video (eg trailer, full video, scene, etc.)
Invite your friends to specific groups
Easily spot new recommendations by filtering by genre, friend, language, streaming platform, etc.

bid bet
Bid&Bet (Oh! Hell – Bid Whist)

Your goal is to predict whether you will be stronger or weaker than your opponent.

Bid & Bet is based on the card game Oh! Hell, which has been described as “one of the best round games.“

Bid and Bet rely on the basic strategy and logic that rule all battles: you must assess your strengths and weaknesses, decide whether you attack or defend, take the lead or follow suit, and whatever your tactic, you must prevail by predicting the exact outcome.

This strategy and logic game can be played without any internet connection.

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development process

we listen carefully to your requirements and business model

we plan development process to meet project deadline

our team of professionals will dedicated to provide quality products

we run multiple tests to drive the product to perfection

we release the product only after the 100% client satisfaction of the result

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